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A Few Changes to Our Shipping Policy

Rachel Cook

Hello Lovely People,

In an effort to better serve the needs of our customers and provide a more efficient service, we are making a change in our shipping carrier. As a result we must unfortunately raise shipping prices from $5.50 to $5.90.

Our first goal was and is to shorten the shipping time and keep the cost of shipping down for our customers. We are now making the move to USPS flat rate shipping to prevent the wildly fluctuating shipping charges The Wild Jasmine was experiencing and accepting on our end, rather than ask you, our customers to pay.

Shipping time will still be 3 days on all orders. All orders of $50.00 and greater will still ship free. What is new is that we are now able to offer shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. 

Also please note we do ship internationally, but it is on an individual basis. For international orders please email us at with the items you would like to purchase and your shipping address, and we will make every effort to accommodate.

This change will allow us to provide more efficient service and to curate new products in a more timely fashion. We greatly appreciate your understanding and look forward to bringing you new treasures in the coming days!