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Edmond, Ok 73013
United States

Amazing Asian origin skincare and cosmetics at your fingertips and on your doorstep in 3 days.


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Welcome to The Wild Jasmine

Rachel Cook

Welcome to The Wild Jasmine! We are delighted to be able to bring you some of our favorite beauty and skincare products from around the world! Our origin is simple; our skin was crying out for help and Western skincare was only aggravating the situation. Through much research we discovered K-beauty and our skin has been glowing ever since. We wanted to share the radiance, but the products were often difficult to find, with shipping cost and arrival time being a major drawback. So The Wild Jasmine was created to make obtaining fantastic cosmetics and skincare fun, easy and accessible. The name comes from our founder’s, Rachel, favorite flower and love of mountains. Life can be rugged and rough as a mountain trail, but the unexpected beauty we discover breathes grace and strength into us to continue the climb. We hope to bring you many moments of unexpected and expected beauty.